Best Streaming Media Player 2013

 Which Media Streamer To The Rescue? asus cube streamer

I am sick and tired of paying for cable and watching relentless droves of commercials. So I decided to research what was the best streaming media player and then purchase a media streamer. Media streaming players are the next new tech devices to explode on the market place. For the past few years, consumer media content has trended away from cable and disc technologies toward online interfaces. Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Hulu, and Google TV are primed to take over the markets for popular consumer media during the transition from cable and DVDs. Media streamers allow consumers to access this cloud media from a smaller and cheaper device than a computer or gaming system.


The Asus Cube, Vizio Co-Star and the Roku 3 can be connected to any screen and access the seemingly limitless media options available online for less than $150. This price point will appeal greatly to consumers that are tired of paying cable companies around $100 dollars a month to watch stale broadcasting and pay to watch commercials. I think media streamers like the Roku 3 will become a consumer must over the course of 2014 and media streamers will gain similar popularity that tablets have today

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 Front Runners: Roku 3, Asus Cube, and Vizio Co-Star

First generation media streamers had problems with access and glitches. However, this most recent generation of devices are great improvements over their predecessors. The Asus Cube, for instance, has a sleek design and detailed remote control that has a keyboard on the back. The keyboard on the remote allows for quick and easy internet searches for your favorite media. The Asus Cube costs about $150 and provides access to Google TV. The downside of the Asus Cube is it does not provide service to the most popular providers, such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Instant. The Asus Cube also has more room for storage than smaller media streamers so users can store and upload content directly. I decided I only wanted to pay one hundred dollars and I did not need the storage space so I looked for a simpler device.

Looking At Vizio Co- Star

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Vizio Co- Star media player

I looked into the Vizio Co-Star is a more affordable media streamer with a price tag of about $100. The Co-Star also provides access to Google TV and has a cheaper price tag because it has less storage space. The Co-Star is one of the smallest media streamers on the market and also has a user friendly remote that lets you switch applications with ease, but the Co-Star has been known to glitch where the Asus cube runs smoothly. The Asus Cube and the Co-Star are exciting options for online media streaming, but I wanted access to more apps so I decided to use the Roku 3.

And The Winner Is – Drum Roll- Roku 3 -Kindaroku 3 media streamer

I chose to purchase the Roku 3 because of its versatility and $100 price. For your money, the Roku 3 provides the most bang for your buck because it provides easy access to the most popular online streaming channels such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon instant. In fact, you can access 750 channels through the Roku device! The remote is very basic making searches slightly more time consuming, but it has a headphone port so users can listen without disturbing others. I really enjoy using my Roku 3 because I know I am getting a better value than paying for cable or buying DVDs. It is also simple to set up, very hard to break, and essentially glitch free. I can Plug my Roku 3 up to any monitor and enjoy whatever media I choose. See you later cable I will definitely be streaming media with my Roku 3 from now on!

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Conclusion On Best Streaming Media Player 2013

Throughout all my research on media streamers I noticed that all of the devices mentioned above all had good reviews. The Roku 3 is by far the most popular and easy to use based on my research. However, any media streamer on the market today provides a fantastic value to the consumer. The only issue that has persisted with media streamers is access to Youtube is shaky at best. However, I believe these issues will be ironed out over the next year as media streamers continue to gain popularity and market prominence. The newest media streamers will undoubtedly launch this trendy device into mass popularity because of their ease of use, cheap price point and flexibility.

Hellooo Did We Forget ?

apple tv streamer

Foot Note: No mention of Apple TV, come on guys its great you know its great and if Apples your thing you would have bought it by now!! But hey heres some info so you all dont feel left out.

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